About Us

Being one of the well-established egg producers in İzmir and founded under the leadership of Sırrı Tekin, Tekinler Tarım established its first coop in Halilbeyli Village, Kemalpaşa in 1983 with the aim of “offering eggs to the customer in the best quality and as fresh as possible”.

Having a well-established history, Tekinler Tarım processes 100.000.000 eggs daily at the present day. Tekinler Tarım entered into a cooperation with Asrın Pazarlama, the leading distributor company of the Aegean Region, from their family-owned company group, and through its broad distribution network, it offers its products to the customers “in the best quality and as fresh as possible” under the brand Gordo Yumurta on the shelves of the major markets in İzmir.

Tekinler Tarım considers the production of this valuable food containing many vital requirements of our body by ensuring the hygiene conditions necessary for the human health as its primary motto, and it always offer high-quality products to its consumers without being affected by the day’s market dynamics and maintains the respect that it shows to its consumers for many years.