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About Us

Tekinler Tarım stands out as one of the well-established egg producers in Izmir. Founded in 1983 under the leadership of Sırrı Tekin, the company aimed to deliver the highest quality and fresh eggs to consumers by establishing its first chicken coop in Halilbeyli Village of Kemalpaşa district.

In addition to conventional production, the company adopts an organic and cage-free production approach and produces this valuable food by providing the necessary hygiene conditions for human health. Tekinler Tarım, with its deep-rooted history and leadership in the egg industry, is an important producer by processing 100 million eggs annually.

Those Who Choose Us

Tekinler Tarım, in cooperation with Asrın Pazarlama, offers its products to consumers on the shelves of the country's leading national chain markets under the Gordo Yumurta brand.

Quality - Fresh

We bring eggs to your table in the highest quality and freshest form.

Natural - Healthy

We produce eggs by providing all the hygiene conditions necessary for human health.


We are the only Egg brand that has won the three-star superior taste award 3 times in a row.


Our delicious, high quality, fresh, natural and healthy products;

Our Flavor is Crystal Award Winner